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Third-Party Support

What is Third-Party Software Support?

At its most basic, software support is the ongoing service of providing product support and updates. It is conceptually like insurance from a software publisher; organizations purchase it along with software to ensure that the publisher is on tap to deliver updates and solve unanticipated technical issues.

For customers of large software publishers like Oracle, SAP, Sales Force, SaaS and Microsoft, this support kicks in after they start using the solution(s). Enterprise software support typically includes general inquiries on usability and features, break/fix services, security updates, tax and regulatory compliance updates, and interoperability support.

These services, alternatively referred to by the publishers as maintenance, were originally delivered live via remote means such as email, telephone, or online communication, and customers could work directly with engineers and developers to solve issues or have technical questions answered. Over the past 5-7 years, Oracle, SAP, Sales Force, SaaS and Microsoft have increasingly restricted access to live engineers, instead promoting self-service support through online knowledge bases.

Why choose us?

RedMPS is a company built on “listening to customers and then building unique, innovative and disruptive solutions with passion”, adding real value to the customer’s business.

Proactive Third Party Software Support

Substantial reduction in Software Support cost

Enhanced level of support not available or standard from OEM

Service Level Agreements for Third Party Software Support

Local, highly skilled delivery resources

Global support from international partners

Fully managed environment

Standard OEM Software Support
RedMPS Third Party Software Support
Includes upgrades and enhancements


Only to date of termination of OME Support

Technical assistance

Available on additional contract

Fully managed maintenance service

Functionality assistance

Available on additional contract

Will implememnt new functions

Version supported

Only current version supported

Best effort on all versions and work-arounds where possible on non-supported versions

Problem determination

Customer Responsibility

Provided as part of a solution

Problem source identification

Customer Responsibility

Provided as part of a solution

Software stack coverage

Only full software stack

Will support partial stack

Software support costs

Unsupported software still needs to be paid in full

Substantial lower cost

Pro-active support services

Not standard

Included in standard service

Availability commitments

Limited SLA’s

SLA’s with credits

Allocated highly skilled

Lab skills only

In-country support teams

What is RedMPS Third Party Software Support?

RedMPS provides a pro-active, fully managed, third party software support solution that not only reduces software support fees but also deliver an enhanced level of support that is not available from the OEM supplier or other third parties. Delivery is done with a local set of highly skilled resources that is supported by both IBM and Spinnaker services. Some of the other services we offer are:

Fully Managed

Fully managed operational services to enable your team to focus on transformation and new projects.


Migration of legacy environments to OpenSource.


Assistance and development of OpenSource solutions.


Provide resource augmentation for special projects.

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