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Managed Resource Solutions.

Finding great IT staff is mission critical.

With software and technology becoming mission-critical for businesses throughout the economy, CEOs in every industry are recognizing that their ability to compete comes down to one thing: that is having the right talent.



Disrupting the one size fits all resource model



Throught innovation, allowing customers to be a part of the Global Freelance Economy



Deep understanding of our customers and their requirements, providing customer centric solutions


Skilled Resources

Providing highly skilled and trained resources



Providing full flexibility and “fit for purpose” resource solutions

Full LifeCycle Support.

RedMPS can assist customers throughout the full product development lifecycle whether this is requirement gathering, implementing in a test environment, Doing User Acceptance Testing or Managing your production environment.

Why choose us?

Access to highly skilled resources

RedMPS provides you with that highly skilled, top technical resource in the country that you might not need full time but is critical for your project


RedMPS provides you with fully flexible resource solutions in your IT Resource Landscape, whether it is resources for a legacy environment, fixed price for managed services or resources for a transformational project, billed hourly, or for a fixed term. We pride ourselves in “Fit for Purpose” resource solutions.

Better cost control

Cost factors are one of the key drivers for a business to stay relevant. The typical cost components of a Technology department, including training, equipment and personnel, are absorbed by RedMPS and presented as either a fixed monthly charge or hourly rate to the company. This helps with effective cost prediction.

High availability, efficiency and productivity

For a Technology Service, the saying “time is money” always applies. For optimal company performance, constant availability of mission critical IT services are the top priority for many organizations. RedMPS is highly efficient in delivering IT services in a way that keeps costs low and the time to deploy is short while providing a high-quality service to the business.

Future proofing IT services

Technology departments always have funding, technical, security, and operational challenges. RedMPS have trained our staff on upcoming and new releases as well as new technologies with the ability to lock-in costs for a multiyear period. By creating more predictability, your business

will reduce operational risk, challenges and minimize service disruption, making OPEX more predictable.

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