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Open Source/Open Stack

Minimise the cost of customised application development and infrastructure

RedMPS is committed to helping organizations take full advantage of open source and the value they realize from the solution there are other potential advantages of open source improved software quality, reliability, security, flexible development and deployments, customizable business solutions therefore, that has the CIOs and key IT decision makers considering open source for their enterprises.

Our team has extensive experience, knowledge, skills and expertise in open source and we offer a comprehensive array of services to address all your open source needs.

We distinguish ourselves from others by providing a combination of expert consultants and senior application developers with highly experienced infrastructure engineers. RedMPS’s 24×7 support and remote system management will help you in reducing your IT infrastructure cost.

Linux Based Services

RedMPS offers host of services to software developers and IT professionals who are either already on a Linux environment or are considering migrating to Linux environment.

For all your Linux based services, RedMPS provides software consulting and support services in providing value-added solutions largely through open source products and technologies.

RedMPS has open source products and technologies to create high-value solutions that cover technology domains such as security, database, network, email, Java development environments, and application and web services.

Solution Support
Quality Assurance
Software Development
Testing and Deployment
Benchmarking and Sizing
System and Network Management
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Open Source / Open Stack